Why shop at HAPPY ENDINGS?

Because everybody loves a Happy Ending! But in all seriousness, for us, it’s all in the details - and our passions are reflected in everything we do. We stand on the pillars of quality and originality and strive to deliver the best lifestyle experience we can offer while continuing to innovate and push the envelope. As with all of our products, we love them too, so don’t just  sport it for us, sport it with us!

Can I purchase HAPPY ENDINGS® products on Ebay, Etsy or other websites?

Our website www.happyendingsofficial.com is the only official  retailer of our products, and all of the items on our site are genuine unique  designs created using the highest quality materials. You may see cheaper  replicas or imitations available from unethical sellers elsewhere, but they are made from the lowest possible quality cost-saving materials and often violate the registered trademarks on our products and branding.

What quality are HAPPY ENDINGS stickers/banners?

All of our stickers, decals, and banners are manufactured using highest  quality top performance vinyl. This automotive/marine grade vinyl is highly  conformable with premium UV resistance, and so is therefore suitable for flat surface and compound curve application both indoors and outdoors.

Can I get a sponsorship?

We do not offer sponsorship at this time. Due to receiving an abundance of requests for sponsorship every week, please understand that if you do  each out, we may not be able to reply. If, in the future, we decide to launch  a sponsorship or affiliate program, we will communicate this clearly across  our channels. Thank you for your interest and support!

Does the HAPPY ENDINGS website reflect all available inventory?

Everything on our website can be considered in stock unless stated otherwise, but is subject to availability. There may be times when demand exceeds supply (limited releases, new drops, holiday sales, etc.) causing  certain items to be sold out - if this happens, we will contact you with an  estimate of if/when the item(s) will restock.

Does HAPPY ENDINGS offer discount codes?

We will on occasion offer discount codes through our email newsletters, website, and digital media channels so keep a look out for sales/promotions. Discount codes are not applicable to all products and can expire at any time.

What should I do if I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

We send out a confirmation email for every order you place. Your confirmation email may have been caught by your spam/junk filter. Please  check/search both your inbox and spam/junk folders and if you still cannot locate it, you may contact us so that we can resend your confirmation email.

I’ve installed my product(s) wrong - what now?

If ever you are in doubt we highly recommend seeking professional installation assistance – HAPPY ENDINGS® does not issue replacements or refunds for errors caused by the improper use or installation of our product(s).

Where can I find out about new product releases?

We notify our customers, followers, and subscribers about new drops, limited releases, sales events, and promotions through our email newsletter and across our social media channels. Be sure to sign up, follow, and subscribe to get the latest news!

Will HAPPY ENDINGS feature me on their social pages?

We regularly feature customers and followers on our official Instagram page. You can send us a DM or email us a photo you would like featured (please include your handle via email), or use the hashtag #HappyEndingsOfficial on your posts/stories/reels.

Can I buy HAPPY ENDINGS products in stores?

We do not retail in stores at this time, therefore our website is the only place you can purchase licensed HAPPY ENDINGS® products. We operate through ecommerce online sales only and we are located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

What payment options are available at checkout?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Sezzle. Please carefully review your information prior to finalizing your purchase transaction. HAPPY ENDINGS® reserves the right to accept, decline, or cancel your order for any reason.

Terms and Conditions:

HAPPY ENDINGS® is a registered trademark therefore the use of and/or profiting from the name and/or any logo, image, graphic, or photo without our prior consent in writing is strictly prohibited by law.