About Us

We here at Happy Endings are as passionate about cars as we are about our products. We're obsessed with the quality and details of our stuff. We hope you can see it too.

We take great pride in our car accessories and apparel, and take as long as needed​ in the designing phase to make sure our releases are perfect. We wouldn't release anything we wouldn't put on our own cars, or wear ourselves.

We've been car fanatics forever, and have tons of love for anime, pop culture, and Eastern styles and trends. We try to fuse a little of each in our accessories and apparel to give them our own twist. We believe in standing out and being unique, but above all, staying true to yourself and having fun with your passions!

"It is good to be aware of the vibe you give off because often the energy we project shapes our reality.  The more positivity you project, the better you'll feel. And the better everyone else will feel around you, creating more amazing opportunities and opening all sorts of doors in life."

- Happy Endings