About Us

Happy Endings was born out of a personal experience that left a lasting impact on the founder. The story began when their dog, Diesel, darted towards the street, narrowly escaping a potentially fatal accident. Unfortunately, Diesel was still hit and suffered severe injuries. As a result, he lost the use of his back legs due to collapsed discs and nerve damage. Witnessing his pain was both terrifying and heartbreaking. After seeking veterinary care and undergoing months of intense treatment, Diesel gradually regained movement in his legs against all odds. Throughout this challenging time, he remained resilient and happy, teaching Gavin the value of cherishing the moments we have with our loved ones. Diesel became the driving force behind the creation of Happy Endings, a brand dedicated to celebrating life and the things that bring us joy.
We here at Happy Endings are as passionate about cars as we are about our products. We're obsessed with the quality and details of our products. We hope you can see it too.

We take great pride in our car accessories and apparel and take as long as needed​ in the designing phase to ensure our releases are perfect. We wouldn't release anything we wouldn't put on our cars or wear ourselves.

We've been car fanatics forever and love anime, pop culture, critters, Eastern styles, and trends. We fuse a little of each in our accessories and apparel to give them our twist. We believe in standing out and being unique, staying true to yourself, and having fun with your passions!